Saturday Night Live TV Show Costumes & Merchandise

Before he was screaming,""THE MEATLOAF!"" Will Ferrell's catch phrase was ""MORE COWBELL!"" Remember the good ole’ days on SNL with shirts that feature hysterical one-liners and from the best skits and popular moments that no one can forget. When you show up to a party wearing one of these subtle SNL costumes, you won’t even need to bring the bottle of wine to elicit some hearty laughs. SNL's popularity make SNL shirts the perfect choice. The infamous SNL Da bears sweater is a perfect choice for outings. If you are going to wear this, it's customary to rant on about Mike Ditka. The SNL Spartan Cheerleader apparel make the perfect couple's outfit. Speaking of the dating world, the Dick in a Box set has a high potential to break the ice of a first date...or end it abruptly and ensure it's also the last date. And who can forget the SNL "More Cowbell" shirts? Anything with Will Ferrel AND Christopher Walken is guaranteed to be a hit.

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