The Smurfs TV Show T-Shirts & Apparel

Today, The Smurfs are being exposed to a whole new generation. With The Smurfs movie being a major blockbuster in 2011 and sequels in the works, The Smurfs is reaching a new audience and adults are even reigniting their love for the little blue creatures that stand three apples high. The war continues between The Smurfs and Gargamel, an evil old man that wants to capture the little creatures so he can turn them into gold. His “trusty” sidekick – Azrael – is a cat that stands by his side through thick and thin, but Gargamel has yet to launch a successful plan to capture the little blue creatures because they always stick together to thwart his efforts. The Smurfs continue to win the hearts of viewers and you can show that you love what they stand for with a variety of Smurfs t-shirts.

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