Wilfred TV Show T-Shirts & Costumes

There are several stories that deal with a dog being man’s best friend, but FX’s show Wilfred takes that idea to a whole other level. Wilfred is merely a dog to everybody who sees him, except for Ryan (played by Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings fame). Following a complete nervous breakdown, Ryan sees Wilfred as a real friend – one that he can have a real conversation with and one that seems to mess up his life in one way or another. But he’s also man’s best friend because they can spend hours together playing and discussing life. Wilfred actually belongs to Ryan’s neighbor – Jenna – but the friendship between him and Ryan is a strong one, whether it’s just in Ryan’s head or not. You can show your love for the show by dressing up in your very own Wilfred costume, too.  Everyone loves this show so if you're looking to buy a Wilfred costume, shirt or other merchandise online, this is the place to do it.

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